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Lifting your Spirits.

Inspiration behind B JollyFoundation.

Happy Jolly thoughts come your way".

For us Jolly`s, putting a SMILE on other faces has become our mission. 

We have found the secret recipe of life: serve others, and in that process, you become happier and more fulfilled.


Forty years ago, we had an arranged marriage -- the formal union of a couple who are poles apart. I have always been a DREAMER. Even as a young girl, I wanted to end world hunger.


Jolly, on the other hand, being a Computer Consultant, is the planner, the logical guy. He always reminds me, "Ginny, let's talk about the specific steps."


We both have learned over the years how to respect each other and become each other's BEST friend. 


My father was always my mentor, and after losing him suddenly in a car accident in 1983, my world crumbled.  While going throw his briefcase, my siblings and I found a handwritten note from my Papa...


The Birth of Every Child proves that God has still not lost hope in Humanity.


My life became all about educating kids...our future.


We were the blessed parents of two young boys, and we were leading our normal family life. We participated in Salvation Army homeless feeding projects and in Habitat for Humanity projects. This was our way of teaching the boys about giving back to society.


However, I felt like there was still something missing. I always yearned for a daughter. Once again the words of my father about the important role of a woman kept nudging me. Papa would often say, "We need strong educated women to make a good family, a good community, and a great nation. If we have more women in decision-making capacities, we will have fewer wars."


Yes, Papa was a very progressive man and a visionary. He was an ardent follower of the Sikh faith, and he taught me by his actions to be proactive.


After many years of contemplation, in 2001, Jolly and I flew to Vietnam to bring home our new daughter, Amaanat. She was a 19-month-old toddler, who had all the signs of malnutrition and delayed growth.


Amaanat's name has a deep meaning. Amaanat is a Persian word that translates as "Caretaker of a precious treasure that doesn't belong to you."


Her joining our family was no accident. She is our little angel who has brought joy to our family beyond words.


The universe was preparing us to SERVE many.


Being parents of a Special Needs daughter, our concerns and worries for her future do bring challenging issues. 


Being small business owners of GNC stores for the last 29 years, we also know firsthand the problems and issues small business owners face every day. 


We decided to conduct a GNC Experiment: Two years ago, Amaanat's teachers at her Transition program suggested that we create a job training program for her and for other kids from her class. At first, our reaction was what can these Special Needs kids do at our GNC stores?


We created a job list of different tasks, and the GNC Manager was on board to make the experience at the stores a useful and productive one for them.


The results at the GNC locations were beyond our imagination.  These kids were very productive at many tasks that were assigned to them.  The joy on their faces could not be told in words. Dressed up in GNC uniforms, they were ready to do their share.


Local families started supporting our GNC stores more as they were happy to see the partnership.


The B Jolly Foundation was taking shape. We plan to duplicate the GNC model with other businesses.

  • Not for Profit Organisation
  • Fundraising
  • Board Governance
  • Tree Planting Activity
  • B Jolly Social Club
  • B Jolly Picnic
B jolly foundation Ginny Jolly
B jolly foundation Ginny Jolly
1+Years of activity history
B Jolly foundation Ribbon cutting by Mayor of Wheaton
B Jolly foundation Ribbon cutting by Mayor of Wheaton

What We Do.

Creating Jolly moments for Special Needs Young Adults.

B Jolly Picnic

Annual picnic also provides an opportunity to meet in person.

Social Club

All those who participate in the Great B Jolly Tree Planting project are invited to join our monthly zoom call to meet one another. Talk about their trees, socialize, and make new friends.

Cooking club to share recipes to utilize the produce is a fun part of the zoom meeting.

Special Young adults who are inspired to be part of our Ambassadors for Trees can join this Fun B Jolly Social Group.

Tree Plantation

In a fun activity, beautiful baby fruit trees are " adopted" and planted by our Young Special Ambassadors. Their hands dig the rich soil. From bud to blossom to fruit, life is nurtured.

Each fruit tree is adorned with a plaque, indicating their commitment. Your child is responsible for caring for their little tree, and of course, will receive the bounty of their harvest.


  • You get a Certificate of Adoption.
  • We provide instructions for the care of the tree.

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Ginny Jolly

Founder B Jolly Foundation

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Judy Feldhausen

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Dr. Ruby Kaur

Board Member

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Randy Peyser

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Mandy Gill

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