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We look forward to community participation and voluntary contributions to help special need kids.
B jolly foundation Ginny Jolly

Inspiration behind B Jolly Foundation. The story...

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven

Creating a Jolly World.

What We Do.

Creating Jolly moments for Special Needs Young Adults.

B Jolly Picnic

Annual picnic also provides an opportunity to meet in person.

Social Club

All those who participate in the Great B Jolly Tree Planting project are invited to join our monthly zoom call to meet one another. Talk about their trees, socialize, and make new friends.

Cooking club to share recipes to utilize the produce is a fun part of the zoom meeting.

Special Young adults who are inspired to be part of our Ambassadors for Trees can join this Fun B Jolly Social Group.

Tree Plantation

In a fun activity, beautiful baby fruit trees are "adopted" and planted by our Young Special Ambassadors. Their hands dig the rich soil. From bud to blossom to fruit, life is nurtured.

Each fruit tree is adorned with a plaque, indicating their commitment. Your child is responsible for caring for their little tree and of course, will receive the bounty of their harvest.


  • You get a Certificate of Adoption.
  • We provide instructions for the care of the tree.
Black Hawks Ice hockey team in support of B jolly foundation for special need kids in Chicago
Black Hawks Ice hockey team in support of B jolly foundation for special need kids in Chicago
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Upcoming Event

Saturday, October 22nd. at City Hall, 303 W Wesley Street , Wheaton IL.

Seminar covering proper care of trees.

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We are conducting an event for Special Needs kids.

B Jolly 22 Oct event
B Jolly 22 Oct event

Our Board Members

Dedicated to creating Jolly moments

Ginny Jolly

Founding Member

Judy Faldhausen board member B jolly foundation

Judy Feldhausen

Board Member
B jolly foundation USA board member Ruby Kaur

Dr. Ruby Kaur

Board Member
Randy Peyser Board member B jolly foundation

Randy Peyser

Board Member
Mandy Gill

Mandy Gill

Board Member

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We invest in local solutions to the local water crisis in sub-Saharan
Africa. We provide clean water, decent sanitation and shelter.

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Our goal is to create projects that unite families in pursuit of gainful employment for Special Needs kids. One community at a time, taking the help of local resources and local organizations, our vision is to create Jolly Moments where families get a chance to come together as ONE.

Ginny Jolly - founder of B Jolly Foundation